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How much does VitalCall cost?

Whilst we think one cannot put a price on the safety of their loved ones, there are a few basic fees associated with the VitalCall service. Please remember – VitalCall is a 24/7/365 service, with the highest standards to ensure the safety of our customers.

In-home demonstration: FREE

During an in-home demonstration, a qualified VitalCall professional will come to your loved one’s home and demonstrate how VitalCall works. They will show your loved ones how to operate the machine and the pendant, go through the benefits of our service and ensure the customer has a clear understanding of what we do to help them stay safer at home. Most importantly, this is where we understand your loved one’s needs.

Once-off Installation fee: Starting from $144.13 inc. GST*

If the customer decides to go ahead upon demonstration, a once-off installation fee is required to cover costs of the connection to your phone line, as well as range testing around all areas of the customer’s home. VitalCall requires all of its units to be installed by an approved VitalCall professional, to ensure it is done correctly and in line with our high standards.

Monthly rental/monitoring fee: Starting from $39.45 inc. GST per month*

The monthly rental/monitoring fee covers the costs associated with the equipment you rent from VitalCall and through which we deliver our monitoring service. This will cover for instance, monthly testing, 24/7/365 monitoring and emergency response, and equipment maintenance. Please see terms and conditions of sale for more details.

Accessories (optional): Please consult with VitalCall customer service team

There are several accessories such as for example lockboxes, fixed buttons universal transmitters, easy press pendants (for those with arthritis), that can be connected to your VitalCall, and depending of their medical conditions, some customers may require additional accessories. We recommend you discuss your individual situation with a VitalCall customer service champion so we can tailor the right solution for you.

Methods of payment:

With VitalCall, we give you the choice of paying for the service on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. We won't ask you to sign a long-term contract, confront hidden costs or buy special equipment. THERE ARE NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS WITH VITALCALL. That’s peace of mind not only for you and your family, but also for your wallet! We also offer customers the convenience of direct debit, it’s easier!

*Important note:
To qualify for the prices above, customers need a referral from a HealthCare Professional. Talk to your doctor, nurse, occupational therapist or other healthcare professionals to get a referral. Referrals can be done by healthcare professionals easily within minutes through our online system by clicking here.

Full retail price of $250.25 inc. GST for once-off installation and $50.16 inc. GST per month for monitoring apply to customers without a healthcare referral.

Prices above are available for new customers only.

Cost associated with phone line — for every time the VitalCall is activated, your telephone provider will charge you the cost of a local phone call. Unfortunately this cannot be controlled by VitalCall as a phone call is required to establish the communication between the VitalCall unit and the 24/7 monitoring centre.

Please call 1300 360 808 or request a free in-home demonstration to get started.



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