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VitalCall is Australia’s
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A personal emergency response pendant can save lives – VitalCALL is the original provider of personal emergency response pendants

A personal emergency response pendant can give you and any of your loved ones the kind of comfort you need when dealing with an elderly parent or relative. Often, seniors wish to stay ...read more.

Troubled by how to care for seniors in your family? Let VitalCALL help with their emergency alert pendants and systems for seniors

Figuring out a long-term living solution for your parents, grandparents, or any seniors in your life can be difficult. Assisted living homes are always an option, but are often ...read more.

Protect yourself with an emergency response bracelet from VitalCALL, the leader in emergency alert bracelets

Emergency alert bracelets can be the key to independence for many as well as offering a peace of mind to many others. VitalCALL is Australia’s original provider of ...read more.

Keep your elderly relatives safe with emergency response systems for seniors from VitalCALL, the original provider of personal emergency response devices

Do you worry about your elderly relative who lives alone? You have probably heard stories about seniors who have fallen in their homes but were unable to call for help. Now, you can protect ...read more.

VitalCALL provides an emergency response device that works and alert systems, including bracelets, that can help individuals lead healthy, independent lives

As the Australian population ages, emergency response systems in the homes of elderly relatives are becoming more common. VitalCALL is the original provider ...read more.

Don’t mess with safety: enjoy your independence with VitalCALL’s emergency alert systems and personal emergency response bracelets for seniors

If you are a senior or have a senior loved one to care for, you have probably discussed living arrangements with members of the family. For many seniors, maintaining independence in their own ...read more.

With your personal emergency response bracelet and a 24/7 response centre, VitalCALL keeps you safe

Over the past three and a half decades, VitalCALL has helped hundreds of thousands of Australians remain safe and continue living independent, healthy lives. The company’s ...read more.

Keep your parents safe with VitalCALL’s elderly alert pendants and personal emergency response devices

Figuring out how to best keep your parents safe and well cared for when they reach a certain age can lead to many challenging decisions. It can be tough trying ...read more.

Are personal alert pendants right for your loved ones? Find out more about VitalCALL’s personal emergency response pendants

Settling on a fair compromise on care for your elderly loved ones is often painstaking. You might prefer the idea of a nursing home where they can be properly cared for, or perhaps even ...read more.

Do you need a reliable personal alert system for an elderly loved one? VitalCALL, Australia’s premiere maker of personal alert devices can help!

Personal alarm devices for the elderly are becoming increasingly popular as a means of keeping elderly people safe and protected, while interfering as minimally ...read more.