Guide to Personal Emergency Alarms for Seniors

VitalCALL has been operating for over 40 years and has been providing Australian seniors with emergency alarm systems and personal alarm pendants. We are fully dedicated to ensuring all seniors are able to live independent and protected. Our state of the art emergency alarm systems are used by seniors all across Australian in order to … Read more

Emergency Pendants for Seniors Provide Unmatched Independence

The number of older individuals in Australia continues to grow and, for many of them, not being able to remain in their homes and live by themselves can be very frustrating. With today’s modern technology, leading a productive, healthy, independent lifestyle is absolutely achievable. VitalCALL is part of the reason why. VitalCALL has been helping … Read more

Emergency Response Pendants are not just for the Elderly

A personal emergency alert device is not just for the elderly. While VitalCALL presents a product perfectly suited for the elderly who wish to continue living independently, our devices are not just for seniors. Although older folks who live alone and are susceptible to falling were often portrayed as the ones who could most benefit … Read more

VitalCALL Self-Installation Service Information

Retirement Home

Did You Know? At VitalCALL, your safety is our primary concern. For urgent installations we offer a self-installation service, where a VitalCALL system is dispatched to your home. Then, following our instructions and phone guidance, we will talk you through connecting and testing your system, back to our emergency response center, without having to visit your … Read more