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Emergency Alert Systems & Devices Pendants for Seniors

Troubled by how to care for seniors in your family? Let VitalCALL help with their emergency alert pendants and systems for seniors

Figuring out a long-term living solution for your parents, grandparents, or any seniors in your life can be difficult. Assisted living homes are always an option, but are often expensive and are met with hostility by many seniors. Moving them in with family may also be resisted, but might not be the best option if the family is not home during the day, putting seniors at risk. If you are trying to figure out an option for a senior who still wants to live their lives independently, but who needs a backup plan, emergency alert systems for seniors might be an option worth investigating.

Emergency alert devices for seniors are popular alternatives to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. These devices allow seniors to regain control of their lives, by living a normal, independent lifestyle, without compromising on their health or safety. If these devices sound like something that would benefit the senior in your life, look into VitalCALL’s emergency alert pendant system.

VitalCALL’s emergency alert pendant and other systems for seniors

VitalCALL has been helping seniors remain active and independent without fearing the consequences of falling or experiencing a health trauma, while alone, for almost four decades. They are a leader in emergency alert devices for Australian seniors and work hard to ensure all of your needs are met or exceeded. They staff a professionally trained, fully dedicated customer service group around the clock (24/7) to ensure help is just around the corner, should your senior ever need to use their VitalCALL pendant.

How VitalCALL pendants and emergency alert devices operate

The VitalCALL emergency alert pendants and devices operate simply so that they are easy for all seniors to use. Senior can opt for pendants that they wear around their necks or wrists, both equipped with buttons that can be pressed should an emergency present itself. These devices are small and easy to conceal, so they can be hidden under sleeves, scarves, or shirts.

The emergency devices are activated once the button is pushed, and a VitalCALL customer service representative will immediately call the receiver to make sure the senior is okay. If the button was pressed in error, the senior can alert them of this, but if the senior is unable to speak, help will arrive promptly. These emergency alert devices are also waterproof, so seniors need not worry about removing them when showering.

Investing in an emergency alert pendant or other emergency alert systems for seniors, could be the life saving, affordable solution to ensuring your family member is well cared for while their independence remains intact. The VitalCALL line of emergency devices is extremely popular due to their affordability, efficiency, and the company’s overall experience in the senior emergency alert franchise. If you think a VitalCALL pendant would be a good fit for your senior or if you would like to learn more information, log on to their website at: https://www.vitalcall.com.au.

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