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VitalCall is Australia’s
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Emergency Response Alarm Systems & Devices for Elderly Seniors

Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safe With Emergency Response Systems For Seniors From VitalCall, The Original Provider Of Medical Alarm Devices

Do you worry about your elderly relative who lives alone? You have probably heard stories about seniors who have fallen in their homes but were unable to call for help. Now, you can protect your loved ones with emergency response systems for seniors from VitalCall. The company, which has operated in Australia for well over 30 years, is the country’s original provider of around-the-clock emergency response devices. VitalCall has helped hundreds of thousands of Australians lead a normal, active lifestyle even though they may require assistance at times. VitalCall devices assure that assistance is available at all times.

An Effective Emergency Response System For Seniors

VitalCall is the perfect emergency response system for seniors and their families. Having one in the home can provide comfort knowing that help is just a touch away. VitalCall alarm devices come in the form of a bracelet or a pendant. Either way, the device is equipped with an easy to touch button that can be pressed when assistance is needed. The system comes with a base unit, which is set up inside the home. When the device’s button is pressed, a signal is sent to the base unit. The VitalCall response centre is alerted and an operator is connected. There is no need to rush for a phone. The conversation is completed through the base unit.

VitalCall has a staff of highly skilled operators whose job it is to determine the correct response for the call. In many cases, the response is a phone call to a relative to stop by and remedy the problem. The operators are highly trained and can detect when a serious medical emergency has occurred. They are able to deliver the appropriate responses in those cases as well.

VitalCall Is Not Just For Seniors

While VitalCall presents a product perfectly suited for the elderly who wish to continue living independently, the company’s devices are not just for seniors. Individuals that suffer from diabetes, stroke victims, those with rare diseases, or even people with food allergies can all benefit from using VitalCall services. One touch of a button can have help on the way and keep you and your family members safe.

Choose VitalCall, The Name You Can Trust

When it comes to elderly alarm devices, there is no other name with the history of success and reputation of VitalCall. With almost 40 years of service in Australia aiding over 200,000 people, VitalCall can clearly be trusted to deliver results. The company truly cares about people and their families and is passionate about helping seniors and others live independently in the comforts of their own homes. You can also take comfort knowing that VitalCall and all of its monitoring are conducted in compliance with the highest Australian standards.

For more information on a quality emergency response system from VitalCall, visit the company’s website, www.vitalcall.com.au, and check out the latest product offerings. You can fill out the online enquiry form for more details or you can call the company directly at 1300 360 808.



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