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VitalCall is Australia’s
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Emergency Response Systems & Device Bracelets

VitalCALL provides an emergency response device that works and alert systems, including bracelets, that can help individuals lead healthy, independent lives

As the Australian population ages, emergency response systems in the homes of elderly relatives are becoming more common. VitalCALL is the original provider of such devices and with 40 years in the business, has become the trusted expert on medical alert bracelets and pendants. An alert device is perfect for those who wish to continue leading a full, independent life but may need some help in doing so. When that assistance is necessary, it is a just a touch of a button away. VitalCALL provides all the help and support you or your loved ones need.

Emergency response bracelets help numerous Australians

There is no reason why older Australians cannot lead active, independent lives. With the number of modern conveniences, elderly relatives can continue to lead their lives on their own. VitalCALL can add to the comfort of knowing that an older relative is always safe. With one of the company’s systems in the home, your relative always has the ability to call for help if it is needed. With the elderly, falls are common and having a way to call for help is a necessity. With a VitalCALL system, one press of a button and a person is connected with assistance.

A medical alert device is not just for the elderly. Those individuals who have certain medical conditions can benefit from wearing an emergency response bracelet. People with diabetes, cardiac problems, rare diseases, and much more can wear a device to make sure that they have a way to get help immediately if a problem arises. Consider a person with heart disease. Heart problems can affect anyone at any age. In an instant, VitalCALL can be alerted to an emergency and help is on the way.

How VitalCALL works

VitalCALL, as the original medical alert device provider, is an expert in the industry and as an expert has put together a system that has worked to assist more than 200,000 Australians through the years. The system works by having an individual wear an emergency response device. These devices can be worn as either a necklace or a pendant. In the event of an emergency – an elderly person who lives alone experiences a fall – the individual presses the button on the medical alert device. The action is transmitted to a base unit that is kept in the home. VitalCALL’s response centre is alerted and a friendly, highly skilled operator is connected through the base unit. The operator will assess the situation and provide the appropriate response – alerting a relative or calling for medical response, for example.

Why choose VitalCALL

VitalCALL has been around for almost four decades and has helped hundreds of thousands of Australians lead independent lives. The company’s resume has earned the trust of Australians as well as the recommendations of over 2,000 professionals in the healthcare industry.

It is easy to get started with VitalCALL. You can visit the company’s website, www.vitalcall.com.au, to learn more about the company and its product offerings. You can also fill out the online form or call 1300 360 808 if you have more questions.

Important information for our customers regarding business continuity and COVID-19

Our workforce remains committed to meeting the essential needs of our customers to ensure that they too can continue to provide their much-needed products and services.

Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure the safety of our employees while delivering the essential solutions and services we know customers rely on to keep them safe.

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Personal Alarm Systems

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