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Non-monitored systems vs. VitalCALL:

Not even a fair fight.

Families & Users

VitalCall vs. Non-monitored systems

VitalCALL chooses to offer a monitored service because there is too much risk involved in having a non-monitored service, especially when risk involves the lives of your loved ones. Many customers chose VitalCALL after trying a non-monitored service and not being satisfied with the level of comfort they get. VitalCALL is committed to monitoring its customers 24/7/365, to give users and families the reassurance that help is truly only a press of a button away. See how VitalCALL works

What are the benefits of VitalCALL in a real life situation?

Betty Smith is 95 and lives alone at home. She wakes up from her afternoon nap to get some water, but has a fall in the kitchen, at 3:50pm. She tries, but she can’t get up.

If Betty had a non-monitored product, this would be the most likely scenario:

Emergency process

  1. Betty presses her emergency pendant
  2. Unit calls the first contact – no answer, her son Mark is in a meeting and his phone is on silent
  3. Unit calls the second contact – no answer, her grandson Peter is out with friends
  4. Unit calls the third contact - her daughter Ana is doing a presentation at work and her phone is off
  5. Unit calls the fourth contact - her neighbour Dora is out doing groceries
  6. Unit calls the fifth contact - Triple 000
  7. Message is played for the ambulance service – there is no open call with the ambulance service
  8. Ambulance gets dispatched without any knowledge of customers records
  9. Ambulance service has no idea on how to get into Mrs Smith’s home, so they will most likely have to wait until the police comes over
  10. Assistance is finally rendered to Mrs Smith

Time for response: Unknown

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer needs: Low - only if customer can convey message

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer’s medical record: None – non-monitored systems do not have access to customers medical records, therefore cannot provide any help to the ambulance.

Chances of ambulance having to break into customer’s premises: High – even if a non-monitored solution provider sells a lockbox, they have no way to give information of location and combination to the emergency services, which could result in delays or even a break-in for the ambulance to access your premises.

Now this is what would happen if Betty had a VitalCALL:

Emergency process

  1. Betty presses her emergency pendant
  2. Betty gets connected with VitalCALL’s 24/7 Australian-based response centre
  3. Operator speaks with Betty and reassures Betty that VitalCALL will arrange an Ambulance and does a 3-way voice call with the Ambulance Service and Mrs Smith. The operator stays on the line as long as Betty wants.
  4. Betty’s family is called directly after the Ambulance is dispatched and speaks with the family/friend to advise of what has happened
  5. Assistance is rendered to Mrs Smith

Time for response: Minutes

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer needs: High - VitalCALL operator remains on the line with the customer and the ambulance service.

Ambulance’s knowledge of customer’s medical record: High - VitalCALL helps the ambulance by disclosing important medical information that may save the customer’s life and where approved by the customer access instructions to the premises to avoid any damage to the property

Chances of ambulance having to break into customer’s premises: Low - most VitalCALL customers install a lockbox that grants access to emergency services quickly in case of an emergency. The location and combination of the lockbox is given to the ambulance service by VitalCALL.

Which scenario do you prefer when considering the safety of your loved one? Consider this:

  1. Saving a few dollars for a non-monitored system can mean your loved one may not get the level of care they deserve.
  2. If there is an accidental activation, VitalCALL will not immediately send help but will speak with the customer first, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary ambulance costs.
  3. We service our equipment – If the unit needs servicing, we’ll send a fully qualified representative free of charge
  4. If needed, VitalCALL will upgrade your unit