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Personal medical alarms

Live worry-free with your own medical alarm for a little more than a dollar a day with VitalCall

Personal alarms for medical purposes are hardly a new invention. However, deciding if you are in need of an emergency alert alarm might be a new process for you. Plus, there are so many medical alarms on the market that choosing among them can become difficult. If you have been grappling with the decision about buying your own medical alarm, it is important to know exactly how these personal alarms operate before making a decision.

Medical alarms – how they work

A medical alarm is a small device generally worn by seniors that allows them to live their regular lives, independent from the aid of others due to old age, sicknesses, or limited mobility issues. However, medical alarms are there to safeguard an individual and to ensure that if something were to happen, help could reach them promptly.

While each company has their own unique design spin on medical alert devices, they are typically smaller in size so that seniors can wear them with ease, and not feel uncomfortable with the medical alarm devices. If a senior falls down the stairs, for instance, they would press the easy to reach button on their medical alert device, and medical help would be on their way to the senior’s location. These personal alarms for seniors prevent many family members and friends from worrying about their loved one, particularly if they insist on still living independently. They are also a great, affordable option to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as seniors are able to engage in their normal, everyday lifestyles, without worry.

How to choose a medical alarm device

Figuring out which medical alert device is best for your senior can feel overwhelming. With so many choices on the market, how do you even get started on choosing? Do the brand names even matter, or should you buy the cheapest option?

It is essential that you research a brand before committing to make sure it offers all of the features you feel comfortable with to keep your senior safe. VitalCall, for instance, is Australia’s leading medical alert system provider. Why? Well, they have over four decades of experience in the industry, which means they know the ins and outs of how to best serve their customers. Their devices are also small and easy to wear, making them easy to hide on a wrist, under a sleeve, or around the neck, under a shirt or scarf. VitalCall also provides 24/7 customer service support, so no matter when an accident occurs, help will be on the way. They will also try to contact you in case you hit the button by mistake.

If you are looking for a way to protect your senior, a medical alarm device is often the most affordable, easily agreeable option to keep them safe. To find out more about what sets VitalCall apart from other brands, log on to their site at: https://www.vitalcall.com.au.