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  • Perfect for those who have visitors or healthcare workers coming
  • Great for those who constantly forget keys or lock themselves outside
  • Essential for quick access for emergency services
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Secure access to your home with VitalCALL lockboxes

Have you ever found yourself locked out? Do you need to give others secure access to your home?

Leave a key outside, safely. A lockbox is a simple way to provide secure access to a key outside your home. Like a mini safe, lockboxes are installed on an outside wall and house up to 2 keys. Lockboxes are ideal when:

  • You have visitors or healthcare workers coming.
  • You've forgotten your keys or locked yourself outside.
  • You need quick access for emergency services.

Coded access to keys for visitors & emergency services

The Lockbox is set with your own code that VitalCALL can store, and provide to emergency services should they need to attend your home following an emergency activation.

Contact us – or call 1300 360 808 for pricing or to arrange a lockbox.

  • Personalised combination 4-6 digit code that can be updated whenever needed
  • Stores up to 3 keys
  • Portable
  • Simple self-installation
  • Size including shackle: 4.44 x 5.75 x 1.8 in.
  • Includes a brochure and User Manual with instructions
  • Sturdy metal with protective rubber shell and is guaranteed never to rust

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox is a key safe that is easily fastened to a doorknob, fence, railing, flyscreen or pipe on the exterior of the home. It is secured a bit like a pad lock. It can hold up to three keys and has a 4-6 digit personalised code that can be changed as frequently as you like to ensure your security.

Why would I need a lockbox?

Having a spare set of house keys outside the home provides an easy and efficient method for emergency services, family, friends and neighbours to access your home if you require assistance.  

VitalCALL can record the location of the lockbox as well as the doors the provided keys open and the 4-6 digit code. Vitalcall will inform emergency services of these details in a situation where they are called.

How much is it?

Lockboxes are an affordable alternative to forced entry. It is an upfront cost of $78.99 (including postage) for you to own a lockbox.

Where should I install my lockbox?

The lockbox does not need to be visible from the front of the house, but can be fixed on to common household features around the side or back of the house

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