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Pearl Easy Press Pendant

The Pearl Easy Press has a specially designed sleeve with a large surface area to make it easier to press to send an emergency activation.

The Pearl with its flashing lights around the outer edge, gives confidence to the end user by providing reassurance that their alert for help has been received by the base unit.

This Easy Press Pendant is designed for people with limited dexterity, so they can easily press the button to send an emergency activation.

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More About This Product

How it works:

The Pearl button is a transceiver which allows bi-directional communication to the unit. When pressed to send an alert, and this is received by the base unit, the outer edge of the Pearl illuminates in red and flashes to reassure the user that their alert has been received.

Pearl features a large button surface area to make it easier for people to press, with a recess to reduce the likelihood of false activations. The typical battery life is 2 years, and batteries are non-replaceable.

All VitalCall personal help buttons are self-testing with the base unit to ensure correct functioning and low battery reporting. Personal help buttons should be worn at all times including at night in bed. Pearl help buttons are hot waterproof and can be worn in the bath and shower.

Dimensions:       40H x 32W x 10D mm (excluding attachment method)

Weight:               11.8grams (excluding attachment method)

Frequency:         869MHz, 916MHz

Range:                 350+m typical in open air

Sealed:                 IP68 Hot waterproof