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VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant

Suitable for those who are at risk of falls, the VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant may detect a significant impact fall and subsequent impact.

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More About This Product

The VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant is a specialised help button worn as a pendant and uses a comprehensive detection algorithm to detect significant impact fall. The pendant also features a help button in case of an emergency. The pendant is ideal for those who are at risk of falls and is water resistant and may be worn in the shower or bath.

How the VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant works

If a significant fall is detected the pendant will beep for 15 seconds before sending a signal to VitalCALL EVE 3G base unit. When the signal is received by the base unit, the pendant will beep 3 times and flash red lights around its outer edge. Once the signal is received by the base unit, there is a 10 second prealarm period which gives the user another opportunity to stop the alert being sent by pressing the cancel button. If the user does not cancel the warning message, then a fall detected alert is sent to the monitoring centre. The operator follows a specific response procedure which includes trying to contact the person and sending help if required.

The VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant also features a 15 second unique move-to-cancel period. When a significant impact fall is detected, the pendant looks for significant movement which would automatically cancel an alert being sent to the base unit. If no movement is detected in this time period then sounds a warning beep to signify it is about to send an alert for help.

Important Note

The VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant has been designed to assist people who have fallen from being left to lie on the floor without assistance for a long period of time. However, not all falls result in a significant impact. For example the pendant is less likely to detect a fall when the person is able to brace themselves during the free fall, falls back into a seated position, slumps from a chair, wheel chair or the bed to the ground, or comes into contact with an object on the way to the ground. This is why we also incorporate a button press for emergency alerting.

User Guide

VitalCALL Pearl Advanced User Guide (PDF <1MB)

• Compatible with the VitalCALL EVE 3G Personal Medical Alarm
• Audible and visible verification from pendant of alarm being sent to emergency response centre
• Can be activated from up to 300m+ from base unit location (in open air)
• IP68 watertighness in hot and cold water to a depth of 1 metre - Pendant can be worn in bath or shower
• Discreet and lightweight - weighs just 16.6 grams and is only 40mm H x 32mm W x 14mm D
• Unique shake-to-cancel feature should any accidental activations occur
• Worn as a necklace
• 2 year pendant battery life with normal usage
• Bi-directional communication reassures the user that help is being summoned. The outer edge of VitalCALL Pearl Advanced Pendant flashes red when its alert for help has been successfully received by the base unit.
• Frequency - 916MHz